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Running the 60

If you attend a Camp, Showcase or the NC State Games you probably will run the 60.  Ultimately you are either fast or you're not.  However you can shave off a tenth of a second or more with some simple techniques.  Some events will use electronic timing and some will use hand held.  For electronic timing you may run solo.  For handheld you typically run against someone.  The starting position will be a base stealing stance.  So you will be crossing over to your right.  Don't worry, if you face the wrong way you will have coaches yelling  at you to turn around.  For electronic your movement will brake the laser and start the clock.  For hand held usually a coach will drop a hat as a signal to go, but the timers will be looking for your first move to start the watch.  Here are some simple things to help with running a 60.

1.GET A GOOD JUMP.  Make sure your crossover is explosive with the intention of accelerating to full speed as quickly as possible.

2.GO ON THE HAT AND RACE YOUR OPPONENT FOR HAND HELD TIMING.  If you freeze on the hat drop and go when you feel like it, this makes it more difficult for the timer.  Also if you race your opponent it will most likely elicit a higher effort level as you compete against them.

3.RUN IN A STRAIGHT LINE.  Hopefully there is a tape measure or cones for you to follow.  If not keep your head up and stare at the finish line.  Look straight go straight just like driving.  Running a zip-zag can cause you to run perhaps a 63 instead of a 60.

4.USE YOUR ARMS.  Efficient running mechanics are key to your fastest time.  Getting your arm action in sync with your stride will help.  Working on running mechanics is just like working on hitting or pitching mechanics.  Good mechanics make a difference.

5.RUN THROUGH THE LINE.  Treat the 60 like a 70.  Make sure you are at full speed going through the line.  Don't lunge or dive.  

6.TRAIN FOR IT.  60 yards is longer sprint that you might be used to.  It is the equivalent of a double.  If you are not used to running longer sprints it is easy to pull a quad, hamstring or groin.  If you are only training for 20-30 yards sprints you will need to train some at longer distances.  Also you may fatigue after 40 yards and slow down if you have not trained at 60.

7.YOUR TIME IS NOT EVERYTHING.  A good time can get you circled, but it is just 1 of 5 tools.  Being fast does not make you a good Baseball player.  Don't let a bad time cause you to lose focus during the rest of the workout.  No sprinter sets a personal best at every meet.  You can't expect to run your best time every workout.  Please don't ask the coaches timing your time as you jog back.  They are trying to get the next time and you are distracting them.  Also if they are not working the event they are not allowed to talk with you most likely.  Whoever is running the event will get you your time, maybe via e-mail.  Jog in and get your mind ready for defense if that is the next part of the workout.

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