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Recruiting Advice

1.BE ON TIME.  This might be a vacation day for you and your family, but keep in mind it is a workday for the College Coach.  They most likely have meetings, skill work, conditioning, field work and other things scheduled before and after your visit.  If you are early or late it throws off their day.  You want to knock on their door exactly on time.  This makes a good impression in that all coaches want players who can be on time.  A good way to do this is plan to arrive an hour early.  Find where you are meeting and where to park.  Then go into town and take a look around.  The campus tour rarely gives you a look at the town.  Then park about 10 minutes before you are scheduled to meet and hang out in the car and keep an eye on the clock.

2.DRESS CASUAL BUT NEAT.  You don't need a shirt and tie, but you don't want to dress for the beach either.  College athletes are ambassadors for their school and their program.  Looking neat and presentable shows the college coach that you will be a good ambassador.  Perhaps dressing like you would for something important but not formal.  You never get a second chance to make a first impression.

3.MAINTAIN EYE CONTACT AND LISTEN ACTIVELY.  Greet all members of the staff with a firm handshake.  Anytime someone is talking listen with your eyes and nod occasionally to show you are listening.  Nobody wants to coach someone who doesn't pay attention.  

4.LEAVE YOUR PHONE IN THE CAR OR TURN IT OFF.  A Hall Of Fame college coach who has won multiple D1 national championships would stop recruiting a player if they looked at their phone during the visit.  In 2019  most of us don't go anywhere without our phone.  The last thing you want is a ring or alert tone going off while a College Coach is trying to get to know you.  Either keep it in the car or keep it Off and in your pocket during the visit.

5.ANYTHING YOU SAY CAN AND WILL BE USED IN A COACH FORMING THEIR OPINION OF YOU.  Be careful with what you say.  All college coaches wants humble hard working kids that take direction.  Think before you speak. 

6.PARENTS, RESIST THE URGE TO CONTROL THE CONVERSATION.  All parents have a natural instinct to protect and provide for their children.  At some point though, it it is time to release them into the world.  College is the first big step in doing this.  The visit should be about the student athlete experiencing the school to see if it is a good fit for THEM.  Parents who bring a pad and pen and ask a million questions often leave the student athlete checked out.  The parents can love everything about a school, but if the kid doesn't like it they will not be happy.  When the college coach directs a question to the kid, let them answer it.  When the college coach asks if you have any questions, let the kid ask first.  Parents try to keep your questions to just a few.  Remember the coaching staff is evaluating the parents as well as the player.  All coaches want supportive parents in the stands.  

7.DO SOME HOMEWORK ON THE SCHOOL.  Spend some time on the website.  Probably all questions have an answer there.  Don't ask about majors or programs the school doesn't have.  Ask about things they do have.  

8.IF YOU WANT AN OFFER, ACT LIKE YOU ARE HAPPY TO THERE.  I heard one of the most successful coaches of all time say that the best thing he can hear from a player when he asks them how they are doing is, "Happy to be here Coach".  On the visit be open minded, hear everything out, and try to act interested.  Coaches want to recruit players who will stay and graduate.  If you act disinterested verbally or with your body language, you might get crossed off.   It is an honor to get recruited.  This should be a good experience to be wanted.  Put a smile on your face during the visit.

9.CONGRATS THEY OFFERED YOU!!!  SLEEP ON IT.  Usually any offer has an expiration date.  If you are fortunate enough to get an offer during the visit, SAY THANK YOU.  Show some gratitude.  Then ask for some time to think about it and consult your family and friends.  It is easy to get caught up in the moment and make a snap decision on campus that you might regret.  Get away from the campus and sleep on it for a day or two.  If you still have a good feeling about things then it might be the right fit for you!!

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