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"I took my daughter to Ken McCain the winter before her 8th grade softball season. We started out with 8 or 10 lessons, and we were very pleased. Her bat speed had increased tremendously and she was hitting the ball much better. We liked Ken so much that we started going back for lessons to keep improving her swing. She went on to play high school ball where she started on the varsity squad as a freshman, and hit in the number three position all four years. During those years we went to Ken on a regular basis, she kept on getting better. My daughter is now a sophomore in college playing Division 1 softball, as a freshman she lead the Big South Conference in RBI's, she was Big South Co Freshman of the Year and hit 7 homeruns. I say this because without Ken McCain she would not have been able to have all these accomplishments. Ken is a great coach, he knows how to communicate with his players therefore he is able to teach the game. I highly recommend Ken McCain and the Diamond Mine as a place to further educate you child in the game of Softball or Baseball."

Steve Jones

Our son Brennan now age 9 has been through pitching and hitting lessons with Darin Chaplain. This was a great learning experience for Brennan after 8 weeks of hitting practice he improved his hitting in the 2008 season. He has now been through 10 weeks of pitching and has learned the basics and fundamentals of pitching and will start pitching with a good foundation.

Darin has done so much for Brennan's self esteem. He feels more confident now after working with Darin and feels he can accomplish anything with hard work and determination. Darin is a great role model for kids and can help anyone with the desire to learn and the discipline to work hard.

Danny and Lora Peterson

My two daughters have just finished the eight-week hitting course with Darin Chaplain and we couldnâ??t be happier with the results. Jennifer added 10 MPH to her average bat speed, while Amy improved hers by nearly 6 MPH. The confidence that both girls gained shows through when they step up to the plate now. Darin is excellent with kids, and he teaches in a way that made it both fun and educational, hard work at the same time. My girls really responded to his teaching. The lessons coupled with the homework made it easy to see the success each week. I would readily endorse The Diamond Mine to anyone seeking softball (or baseball) instruction. They know how to get results. No matter the skill level, The Diamond Mine can help improve your childâ??s game.

Russell Badger

This is the second year my son has been affiliated with the Diamond Mine Program. My son has played school ball, recreational ball, and travel ball for the past nine years. Most in the state of Florida till moving to the Asheville area three years ago. He joined the 14 year old Diamond Mine travel baseball team last season coached by Ryan Radford. I will say as many different teams he has played for in the past this was by far one of the best coached and instructional baseball teams yet. Not only is Coach Ryan an outstanding coach, his instructional techniques coupled with his knowledge of the game of baseball has taken my sons baseball skills to the next level in both batting and fielding.

During the off season my son started pitching lessons with Darin Chaplain. The only word that comes to mind is â??outstandingâ?? instructional baseball. As many different coaches that have instructed my son in pitching never have I seen a more detailed and fine tuned pitching program than Coach Chaplain provides. The before and after results are incredible, not to mention the self confidence and attitude my son has gained from these lessons. Any parent who wants their child to take their baseball or softball skills to the next level must check out the Diamond Mine program. You will not find a better baseball or softball facility and set of instructors anywhere in the area.

George Bussey

The two years Andrew spent working under your guidance have proven to be very valuable. His knowledge gained and friendships created will stay with him for many years to come.

I have seen your program grow and expand through player participation and respect garnered among the college coaching ranks. Conversations with numerous college coaches this past fall revealed the time and energy you spend to promote The Diamond Mine Team. One coach stated, â??Coach Chaplain was relentless in getting me to come see this team, I promised I would and am glad I did, he has a good thing going here.â??

A wise man once told me, â??Help enough people get what they want and you will accomplish what you desireâ??. I believe you will do both.

Mark Blackwell

Thanks for your help with batting and pitching lessons with Patrick. In less than a half year at the Diamond Mine, he has increased his bat speed by a solid 8 mph. His pitching mechanics are solid and he can now throw a curveball!

Maybe you guys should change your name to the Miracle Mine!

Ed Walsh

â??Focused on Resultsâ??â??three words that describe our sonâ??s Diamond Mine experience. From initial evaluation to goal setting to weekly training sessions to homework assignments, Coach Chaplain focused on my sonâ??s specific needs and customized a pitching training program that exceeded our expectations. Our son is more confident on the field and is looking forward to continuing his training. We highly recommend â??The Diamond Mineâ??.

Greg Goodman

My name is Chris Hyatt, and I play Professional Baseball with the Bay Area Toros of the Continental Independent Baseball League, and I endorse The Diamond Mine. It is a great place to get your swings in, field and pitch. Whether you need somewhere to go before and after practice, or just to get out of the bad weather, The Diamond Mine has it all and the staff is very experienced and willing to do what it takes to get you to the next level. So if you have the desire to take your game to the next level, then The Diamond Mine is the place to be!

Chris Hyatt

Jared has finished his 2007 season with the Tuscola Mountaineers Baseball Team. We wanted to give Darin Chaplain a big thanks for this year's success. Last year as a freshman on the JV team Jared batted .308 at the plate and struggled with timing and correct batting technique. As you know Jared worked with you this past winter and this season's results have been amazing. This year's JV batting average was .580 in 14 games and he was moved up to the varsity team for 10 games where he hit a respectable .276 and was able to experience much better pitching to prepare him for next year. I know this would not have been possible without your help. God has blessed you with a great gift in teaching young players the game and we are thankful for your desire to teach them. I would highly recommend anyone who wants to improve their hitting performance to contact you.

Kevin Ensley

My son Zach played fall ball with the Diamond Mine last fall. During the winter Ken McClain worked with him on his hitting and Darin Chaplain worked with him on his pitching. When he tried out this spring, his abilities were greatly improved. He also had more confidence. They worked with him during lessons and many times while he was at the Diamond Mine practicing. They became friends not just coaches. I was so pleased with his improvement that I have now started my daughter in lessons at the Diamond Mine also. Their caring for the young people they coach to do better is very genuine.

Harvey Johnston

Darin Chaplain has been instructing my two sons, a college pitcher and a high school middle infielder, for some time. His knowledge of all aspects of the game of baseball is tremendous, and his positive manner and style of teaching is infectious to the students. My sons enjoy their lessons with coach Chaplain and he invigorates the boys to work hard at the clinic and with their â??homework.â?? His students make amazing progress in their skills. I give Coach Chaplain and The Diamond Mine my highest recommendation. My sons will continue their training with Coach Chaplain when they reach their next level of competition.

Ronald J. Neimkin, M.D.

My 12 year old son first started practicing with coaches Darin Chaplain and Ken McCain last fall with the Blue Jays. He soon started taking pitching then batting lessons from Coach Chaplain. His lessons are done in a manner that produces very positive results and the students enjoy participating in them. On a local level, my son by far had his highest batting average ever. He is also continuing to improve in USSSA ball as well. The Diamond Mine is run in a very professional manner that not only teaches excellent baseball skills but work ethics that kids can use for the rest of there life.

David Smith

It is without hesitation that we recommend Coach Darin Chaplain and The Diamond Mine organization. While new to The Diamond Mine, we are not newly affiliated with Coach Chaplain. Our son, Kyle, began training with Coach Chaplain in the winter of his eighth grade year (2002) and has been an active student since then. Initially, Kyle worked with Coach Chaplain on developing his pitching skills. In fact, Coachâ??s comment upon first observing Kyle was â??I think we better start at the beginningâ?? and it was the best place to start. With Kyleâ??s dedication and practice, Coach Chaplain took a boy who had no developed sense of pitching mechanics or knowledge of a pitcherâ??s role and turned him into a successful, highly motivated pitcher. In addition, Kyle has recently has begun working with Coach Chaplain to further develop his batting abilities. Coach Chaplainâ??s teaching methods always include a positive attitude toward his studentsâ?? progress and the use of constant encouragement, as well as constructive criticism when necessary. He has vast knowledge of the game of baseball, having been a successful college coach for many years, and continually imparts this knowledge to his students during lessons. His positive mental attitude â?? both toward the students he teaches as well as toward their parents is remarkable and welcomed. And, maybe most importantly, he constantly challenges his students to strive to achieve their top level of performance. Coach Chaplain and partner, Ken McCain, have created a much needed commodity in our area with The Diamond Mine. The functionality of the Diamond Mineâ??s new facility was well planned and provides a wide variety of venues for training. In addition, it will be a great facility to use during the off season when weather is inclement and prohibits outdoor training. As long as we are in the Asheville area, we look forward to continuing our association with Coach Chaplain and wish both him and Ken great success with The Diamond Mine.

Julie and Jeff Paeplow

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